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PDMS SET-UP (pdms.bat/evars.bat)-2nd Part

continuous from previous post:

\pmlib ( the same reason than first)

\project ( then everybody can read the same projects, remember of copy and delete after form the local installation)

In the folder project we insert all the projects like SAM, MAS, IMP and for every new project we make a new folder and then we make the four folder inside it, the is easier to identify the projects.

In the folder \project we’ve a file called project.bat that is like this:

@echo off

Rem Arg 1: Pathname of install directory

set MAS000=Z:\AVEVA\project\mas000

set MASMAC=Z:\AVEVA\project\masmac

set MASPIC=Z:\AVEVA\project\maspic

set MASDWG=Z:\AVEVA\project\masdwg

set SAM000=Z:\AVEVA\project\sam000

set SAMISO=Z:\AVEVA\project\samiso

set SAMMAC=Z:\AVEVA\project\sammac

set SAMPIC=Z:\AVEVA\project\sampic

set SAMDWG=Z:\AVEVA\project\samdwg

set IMP000=Z:\AVEVA\project\imp000

set IMPISO=Z:\AVEVA\project\impiso

set IMPMAC=Z:\AVEVA\project\impmac

set IMPPIC=Z:\AVEVA\project\imppic

set IMPDWG=Z:\AVEVA\project\impdwg

set xxx000=Z:\AVEVA\project\xxx\xxx000

set xxxISO=Z:\AVEVA\project\xxx\xxxiso

set xxxMAC=Z:\AVEVA\project\xxx\xxxmac

set xxxPIC=Z:\AVEVA\project\xxx\xxxpic


In every local installation we change the file pdms.bat as this:

to be continued:



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