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PDMS SET-UP (pdms.bat/evars.bat)


Change the pdms.bat for share the folders.

I’ll give you an example that runs for us ( first I say to you that we’re beginners and the system is still beginining tu run).

The configuration we’ve has made after the training taking the examples AVEVA gave us.

We’ve some local computers with PDMS 11.6 installed on local.

We share 2 licences, but every computer has PDMS installed on local.

We have every computer connected with a server called Z: ( that everybody has access)

In every computer we’ve set up an shortcut to Z: with the same name Z: , not Y: or another letter.

We’ve installed the licenze on Z:\AVEVA\flexman…… and in every computer when we install PDMS we make the indication to this path ( as the flexman manual say)

2nd point, we’ve in Z:\AVEVA\ another folders:

\CATVIEW ( the we can share CATVIEW)

\Diff ( an add’on from AVEVA SOUTH EUROPE- very useful)

\MACROS ( a folder for place the useful macros, the can be easiest called by typing in command window)

\pdmsui (instead of having pdmsui in local we share it , then every addition is in all the stations)

I’ve copy the original folder in Z\ and then I’ve deleted it from the local computers ( or rename it as PDMSLIBOLD)

to be continued next week (I’ll show the pdms.bat file)



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