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PDMS from A to Z guidelines

This is a collection of very basic guidelines of how to do for run with PDMS from A to Z for make for example an piping project with drawings and MTO.

It’s a very simple guide and I suppose that it’s for beginners and they use mainly the GUI interface instead of comand line.

-create the project (see ADMIN User guide 5-3)

-enter in module ADMIN ( see 7-1)

-create TEAMS / USERS / DATABASES (DB), and MDB as you need ( see chapters 7 and 8)

-enter in module PARAGON or SPECON for create the components (if needed ) and the specifications ( for create componets see PARAGON Reference manual chapter 6, for create specifications you can see the CATVIEW manual and the SPECON Reference manual).

As the manuals aren’t very clear and the question is very important for the project it’s better to take some training as I’ve done, it became more clear.

In future post I’ll explain how to create a component and an specification from scratch and modifying another ones.

-Open the Module DESIGN

-Create the Hierarchy as required (you can practice first with the tutorial PIPEWORK DESIGN USING PDMS)

-make the model 3D using the tools equipment, pipework, cable trays, HVAC, structures or Hangers & Ssupports, as your requeriments, (see the appropiate manuals )

-remember to save many times for not loose the data.

-when you need to create the 2D drawings (Layouts, plants and sections , NOT isomentrics) , open the DRAFT module.

-Create the appropiate Hierarchy ( see DRAWING PRODUCTION sheets 3-12 and chapter 4)

-create a view into the sheet ( see chapter 5)

-now you can populate it with dimensions, labels ecc

-If you like you can export it before of after the dimensioning to dxf or dgn formats

-now if you need to make isometrics :

-open the ISODRAFT module

-create the isometrics ( see ISODRAFT user guide chapter 2.3)

-Then you can export to DXF.

-At the end you have to make the MTO ( Material Take Off)

-If the MTO is piping components open again the DESIGN module

-Run the report ( see REPORTING manual)


2 comentarios

  1. How can I start an existing project to visualize it in PDMS?

    modify any *.bat?, …what and how, please.

  2. If you’re the password you have to copy the 4 folders in a appropiate place ( usually PROJECT folder) and then edit the evars.bat file adding the path, for example:

    set SAM000=C:\AVEVA\project\sam000
    set SAMISO=C:\AVEVA\project\samiso
    set SAMMAC=C:\AVEVA\project\sammac
    set SAMPIC=C:\AVEVA\project\sampic

    Then run the PDMS and log in.


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